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Negotiation Skills The Principles

This is an online course, which you can study for independently and at your own pace. 

Being able to negotiate effectively will benefit you both in and outside of the workplace. This course will help you to learn some practical negotiation techniques and strategies, and to plan your negotiations to give you the greatest chance of success. Covering the principles, the preparation and the practice of negotiating skills the course combines theory with practical activities and scenarios to help you put what you learn into practice.

Negotiation Skills - The Principles enables you to:

  • Plan all your negotiations effectively
  • Identify your own negotiation style to help you improve
  • Adapt your negotiation style to suit the context of the situation
  • Understand how to prepare in a way that will ensure the best result for you.

Learners may also be interested in Advanced Negotiation which further develops the ideas, skills and learning covered in Negotiation Skills - The Principles.           

Target audience

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the basic skills of negotiation and is suitable for any facilities management professional who negotiates with suppliers, partners, customers or colleagues.

Although it stands alone this e-course can also provide an ideal pre-course taster or supplement to Quadrilect's face-to-face courses. To find out more and view available public courses visit the Quadrilect Training website.

Learning outcomes

  • What is the aim of negotiation?
  • What is the context of the negotiation?
  • What is win win?
  • How do people negotiate?
  • What makes a good negotiator?
  • What are the key skills involved in negotiating?
  • What is the process of negotiation?
  • Why is planning important?
  • What practicalities do I need to consider?
  • What tools are there to help me plan?
  • How should I behave during a negotiation?
  • How do I trade concessions?
  • How do I use the key skills in a negotiation?
  • How do we come to an agreement?
  • What should I do once I have come to an agreement?

Each course includes a fact sheet that you can print off or download. The fact sheets summarise the key learning points from each module for you to refer to once you have completed your learning online.

Price Professional body member price
One course £85+VAT £65+VAT

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