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Conversations with Customers

This is an online course, which you can study for independently and at your own pace. 

The way you plan and conduct conversations with your customers and prospects will be the most significant factor in developing your relationship with them. The way you structure an interaction and the approach you adopt to uncovering customers' needs through effective questioning will determine whether you are accepted as a trusted advisor or not.

Conversations with Customers will take you through the four components of any successful meeting:

  • Planning
  • Opening
  • Advancing
  • Concluding
This course outlines the approach you should take to planning a meeting, its structure and how you can use questions to identify a problem and involve a customer in a potential solution.

Conversations with Customers enables the learner to:

  • Plan and research effectively prior to meetings to ensure they are effective
  • Set sensible objectives for meetings through effective preparation
  • Agree objectives with customers by describing their goal in customer focused terms
  • Understand their customers' needs through effective questioning
  • Encourage their customers to open up through active listening techniques
  • Ensure that outcomes are agreed by concluding meetings effectively       

Target audience

This course is ideal for FM professionals involved in developing long-term relationships with clients and internal 'customer' relationships.

Although it stands alone this e-course can also provide an ideal pre-course taster or supplement to Quadrilect's face-to-face courses. To find out more and view available public courses visit the Quadrilect Training website.

Learning outcomes


  • What should my objectives be?
  • How should I structure a sales meeting?
  • How do I plan a meeting?
  • How will I measure my success?


  • Why is opening so important?
  • How should I open a meeting?
  • How do I establish a rapport?


  • What is advancing?
  • Why should I question a customer?
  • How do I question a customer
  • Why do I need to listen?


  • Why is concluding a meeting so important?
  • How do I conclude a meeting?
  • How will I measure my success?

Each course includes a fact sheet that you can print off or download. The fact sheets summarise the key learning points from each module for you to refer to once you have completed your learning online.

Price Professional body member price
One course £85+VAT £65+VAT


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