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Making Budgeting Work in the Real World

This is an online course, which you can study for independently and at your own pace. 

Budgeting seems so simple in the textbooks. So why does it often fail in practice? Stuart Warner explains the barriers to effective budgeting and enables you to create and manage budgets more successfully. The author's practical experience, coupled with many hours discussing the issues in the classroom, enables him to frame the key questions and open the debate about how to create an effective and efficient budgeting process.

Making Budgeting Work in the Real World enables you to:

  • Choose the most appropriate budgeting method
  • Devise ways to overcome weaknesses in their current budgeting system
  • Consider ways of better communicating and presenting budgets to non-financial staff
  • Meet the varying budget preparation needs of different departments       

Target audience

This course is designed for FM professional, who are looking for a practical course that enables them to apply budgeting theory and knowledge in their own organisation.

Although it stands alone this e-course can also provide an ideal pre-course taster or supplement to Quadrilect's face-to-face courses. To find out more and view available public courses visit the Quadrilect Training website.

Learning outcomes

Things aren't what they seem

  • Advice from the sages of budgeting
  • The budgeting cycle
  • Top down or bottom up?
  • The link between planning and budgeting
  • Organisational time and resource

Alternative budgeting systems

  • Budgeting and/or forecasting
  • Rolling versus fixed period budgeting
  • Incremental versus ZBB
  • Functional versus ABB
  • Life cycle budgeting

Issues in setting budgets

  • Approaches to forecasting budgets
  • Using spreadsheets for budgeting
  • Organisational culture
  • Non-finance budget holders
  • The participation debate
  • The perennial negotiation battle
  • Budgets as an evaluation and reward tool

Monitoring and presenting budgets

  • A suitable management tool?
  • A true measure of performance?
  • When to budget?
  • Vulnerable variances
  • Presentation pitfalls

The future of budgeting

  • Is traditional budgeting dead?
  • Living with budgets
  • Beyond budgeting. Part 1: Adaptive management
  • Beyond budgeting. Part 2: Decentralised decision making

Each course includes a fact sheet that you can print off or download. The fact sheets summarise the key learning points from each module for you to refer to once you have completed your learning online.

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