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Networking Skills

This is an online course, which you can study for independently and at your own pace. 

All professionals have a network, whether they focus on it actively or not. For some it is a source of specialist technical advice or a resource that can help them to meet their clients' needs. For others it is the source of new clients.

This course has been updated to include the aspects of social media which have become predominant in modern networking, showing how they can be utilized to maximize your network. The course explains the key skills needed to make the most of any network, expand it and ensure that it meets career and business needs. Practical exercises and activities make it easy for any facilities manager to put the sound advice into practice.

Networking Skills enables you to:

  • Understand the purpose of networking and the skill sets involved
  • Improve the core skills needed for building relationships
  • Research and plan conversations effectively
  • Make the most of conversations with existing or potential members of their network
  • Manage and administer their network effectively
  • Develop their network over time as their objectives change
  • Understand how to keep their network under control

Target audience

This course is designed to appeal to professionals at all stages of their career.

Those who are less experienced may not have considered these topics before and will find significant improvements in the way they operate and in their overall effectiveness.

More experienced or senior people will value the opportunity to think through their approach once more and identify potential improvements in the way they operate.

Learning outcomes

What is networking?
  • What is networking?
  • Why should I network?
  • Can't I just use the contacts I already have?
  • What skills do I need to network effectively?
Developing your network
  • Who should I include in my network?
  • How do I research new contacts?
  • How do I prepare to network?
  • How can I develop my network online?
Having conversations
  • How can I start a conversation?
  • How can I make sure people remember me?
  • What are the key communication skills?
  • How do I move on from a conversation?
  • What do I do after the conversation is over?
Managing your Network
  • How do I keep track of my contacts?
  • What routine tasks do I need to perform?
  • How do I keep my network under control?
  • How do I maintain the online side of my network?
Building relationships
  • How should I contact my contacts?
  • How do I keep my contact happy?
  • How do I get what I want from my network?
  • How do I network within my organisation?

Each course includes a fact sheet that you can print off or download. The fact sheets summarise the key learning points from each module for you to refer to once you have completed your learning online.

Price Professional body member price
One course £85+VAT £65+VAT

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