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Managing Workload

This is an online course, which you can study for independently and at your own pace. 

We all have times when we have to work to tight deadlines, or feel we have too much to do, but we shouldn't be fooled into thinking there is nothing we can do about it.

This course helps the learner develop techniques for managing workload through identifying their priorities correctly, setting effective goals and making the best use of their time. It also looks at what they can do when their workload really does become excessive.

Managing Workload enables learners to:

  • Stop time-wasting and focus on the tasks that deliver greatest value to them and their organisation
  • Set clear, workable goals and achieve them
  • Reduce frustration and stress by ensuring their workload is manageable and their contribution adds value to their organisation
  • Experience a sense of achievement when they reach their goals
  • Be more efficient at work and find more time for his or her self
  • Learn how to say no to unimportant tasks
  • Recognise a truly unmanageable workload and ask for help in a constructive way

Target audience

However experienced all FM professionals have issues managing our workload from time-to-time. Professionals at all levels will benefit from thinking again about this key organisational skill.

This module either serves as a refresher or bite-sized introduction into some of the key time management issues that can be faced.

Although it stands alone this e-course can also provide an ideal pre-course taster or supplement to Quadrilect's face-to-face courses. To find out more and view available public courses visit the Quadrilect Training website.

Learning outcomes

Setting goals
  • Why should you set goals?
  • How do you set good goals?
  • How do you achieve your goals?
  • Do your goals ever become irrelevant
Time management
  • Why do I need to manage my time?
  • What are the basic principles of time management?
  • How should I plan my work?
  • How should I schedule my work?
  • What techniques can help me focus?
Identifying priorities
  • Why should you prioritise?
  • How do you decide on priorities?
Excessive workloads
  • How do you avoid an excessive workload?
  • How do you recognise an excessive workload?
  • How do you cope with too much to do?

Each course includes a fact sheet that you can print off or download. The fact sheets summarise the key learning points from each module for you to refer to once you have completed your learning online.

Price Professional body member price
One course £85+VAT £65+VAT


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